Don’t Believe These Common Weightlifting Myths

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Weightlifting makes a great addition to any fitness regimen. Strength training has been shown to improve your metabolism, boost bone density, and lower your fall risk, and those are just a few of the benefits. Unfortunately, there are quite a few myths surrounding weightlifting that cause people to shy away from it.

Don’t Believe These Common Weightlifting Myths

Here at Vickery’s Sweat Shop, we want to dispel some of those myths and show people just how amazing weightlifting is for them. Here are a few of the most persistent weightlifting myths we’d like to debunk.

Myth: Weightlifting makes you bulky.

Fact: This is one of the most persistent myths about weightlifting and tends to deter women from trying it. The truth is that, to bulk up, you’d have to follow a strict diet and training program specifically designed for building massive amounts of muscle. The average person will get the benefits of weightlifting without having to worry about getting a bulky appearance.

Myth: You have to start weightlifting when you’re young. 

Fact: While it’s true that your body may respond differently to workouts based on factors like your age, you’re never “too old” to start weightlifting. Weightlifting offers some excellent benefits for older adults, including improving bone density, balance, muscle mass, and overall fitness.

Myth: Weightlifting isn’t good for weight loss. 

Fact: Both cardio and weightlifting play an important role in managing a healthy body weight, so it’s important to include both in your workout schedule. Cardio burns a lot of calories during the workout, while weightlifting helps boost your overall metabolism and aids with long-term fat loss.

Myth: Weightlifting is unsafe and can cause injuries.

Fact: Any workout has the potential to cause injuries if it’s not properly executed, which is why working with a skilled trainer is important for those just starting out on their weightlifting journey or anyone looking to add new elements to their current weightlifting routine. Learning and executing proper form, gradually increasing your weights, and taking rest days are all integral for preventing injury during weightlifting.