Savvy Spinning: Do’s and Don’ts for Spin Classes

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Attending spin classes is a great way to burn calories while having an absolute blast. However, just like with any group fitness setting, there are some basic guidelines for how to conduct yourself to ensure that you and everyone else in the class have a great time.

Savvy Spinning: Do’s and Don’ts for Spin Classes

If you’re considering joining some spin classes or if it’s been a while since you last participated, check out these do’s and don’ts of spin class etiquette before you hop on.


  1. Arrive Early. Give yourself plenty of time to find a bike and set it up correctly before the class begins. If you’re not sure how to set your bike up, an early arrival ensures you have plenty of time to ask someone.
  2. Follow the Instructor Cues. Make sure you’re listening and following the instructor’s cues for speed, resistance, and form. Allowing yourself to get distracted by your phone, friends, or other outside elements detracts from your workout and can upset the synchronicity of the class.
  3. Stay for Cooldown. The cooldown of your spin classes is a crucial part of recovery. Additionally, leaving early can disrupt the class and be distracting for your classmates.
  4. Wipe Down Your Bike. A quick wipe-down is easily accomplished, even if you’re in a hurry to get somewhere after your spin classes end.


  1. Hog Equipment/Space. Keep your equipment and gym bag neatly contained. Remember that the other bikes are for people to use, not to serve as your personal clothes rack.
  2. Talk Through the Entire Workout. Some communication is expected but avoid talking over your instructor. Not only will you miss important cues, but you may cause others to as well.
  3. Be Overly Competitive. It’s okay to engage in a little friendly competition in your spin classes but remember to stay positive and supportive of your classmates.
  4. Get Distracted By Your Phone. Make sure your phone is silenced before you enter your spin classes and try to put it away for the duration of the class so you can focus on your workout, not outside distractions.