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Beyond the physical benefits, regular exercise can also support the mental and emotional health.

Exercise in Livingston, Texas“Exercise” is a term that encompasses a wide range of physical movement. The purpose of regular activity is to maintain a high level of fitness and boost an individual’s health and well-being. Those who engage in movement often aim to develop stronger muscles, strengthen their cardiovascular system, or hone specific athletic skills. Many people also use exercise in conjunction with a balanced diet to lose excess weight or maintain a healthy weight.

Beyond the physical benefits, regular exercise can also support mental and emotional health. Research indicates that exercise can reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. The release of certain hormones during and after exercise can provide a boost to the mood and strength the self-esteem of the participant.

Exercise is further split into two subcategories: aerobic and anaerobic. Aerobic exercise involves the use of large groups of muscles, requiring the body to utilize more oxygen than it would during rest. Anaerobic exercise helps to strengthen, firm, and increase muscle mass, as well as boost the coordination, bone density, and balance of those who participate in it. Resistance and strength training fall under this particular subcategory.

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