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Additional Services

While you’re at Vickery’s Sweat Shop for a gym class or personal training in Livingston, Texas, you can take advantage of many services and products. We’ve been building a full menu of options since we opened our doors more than 15 years ago.

You can:

  • Relax in our infrared sauna
  • Tan or get a spray tan
  • Complete a body analysis
  • Check out DEKA strong

If you choose a body analysis, one of our professionals well help you understand your body composition in terms of weight, fat and muscle. Call 936-328-4643 now to schedule analysis services.

Power Up With a Protein Shake

Like to get started with a pre-workout shake or wind down with a post-workout drink? You can choose a delicious drink from the menu at our protein shake bar. You can also give your body more of the fuel it needs by picking up supplements. Visit our gym today for high-quality dietary supplements.


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Protein Shake Bar

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Kids Club

Kids Club

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Infrared Therapy Sauna in Livingston, Texas

Infrared Therapy Sauna

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InBody Analysis in Livingston, Texas

InBody Analysis

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Tanning in Livingston, Texas


We offer custom spray tans and tanning beds. Unlimited tanning can be added to your gym membership for as low as $15/month. Tanning hours at our Livingston, Texas gym are...
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Use Myzone During Your Next Workout!

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