Use Myzone During Your Next Workout!

Monitor Your Physical Activity with Ease!

Myzone is an innovative, heartrate-based technology that can help you track your calories, heart rate, and time during your next workout. We’re proud to offer this technology at our gym, so contact us to learn more about using it during your next workout session!

Monitor your physical activity
Myzone Coach

Here’s a quick look at how Myzone works:

Position the Myzone belt piece just below your chest.

Watch your workout live on the screens in our gym.

Monitor your results on your personal Myzone account.

Achieve your goals and push yourself to new limits during your workouts.

Make Myzone part of your next workout

Make Myzone Part of Your Next Workout!

Learn More About Myzone

Myzone can help you work towards your goals and get in even better shape. For more information, contact us today!

Learn more about Myzone