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Strengthen your core by joining our classes.

If you have been wanting to improve your fitness level or you’re looking for a new gym, we encourage you to come visit us at Vickery’s Sweat Shop. We’re proud to be a 24-hour gym that residents of Polk County, Texas can rely on for help meeting their fitness goals — no matter where they are on their fitness journey. We offer a wide variety of classes for every skill level, all of which are included in our standard membership subscription.

CORE in Polk County, Texas

Our CORE classes are a popular choice for many of our members who are looking to get stronger, as these 30-minute workout sessions are designed to target and strengthen core muscle groups. Our trained instructors will guide you through the whole process, creating a welcoming environment while giving you the motivation you need to challenge yourself. You’ll have opportunities to use weights, resistance training, and other tools to help you work towards your fitness goals.

CORE workouts offer all kinds of benefits. When you focus on strengthening your core, you’ll start to notice an improvement in your balance, which can help you perform better at other activities. A strong core can also help you avoid back pain as your posture steadily improves.

If you are curious about our CORE classes, you’re welcome to come check them out at our gym. We offer a free one-week pass, so you can try out any of our classes before committing to membership. And if you have any questions for us, we’re happy to provide the answers you need. Contact us today!

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